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Quality Plywood, Inc. is the largest privately held curved plywood manufacturing plant in the United States. From humble beginnings, Quality Plywood opened its doors in 1976.  After numerous expansions, Quality Plywood currently occupies a 65,000 SF manufacturing facility.  This homegrown company is a leading employer in Wayne County, currently employing a diverse workforce of 107 talented men and women.   Quality Plywood is located in the Wayne County Industrial Park in Waynesboro, Mississippi.

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When you think of plywood, most people immediately envision flat, 4 x 8, sheets of plywood that you would see in any local building supply store.  However, Quality Plywood does not manufacture flat plywood, but curved plywood.  Our customers consist primarily of manufacturers of components for office furniture, restaurant seating, airport seating, theater seating, educational furniture, health care furniture, hospitality furniture, church seating, high-end architectural products, and virtually any high-volume, contract-seating manufacturers.  We ship our products throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Chances are that in most of the offices in the United States there is seating that includes some form of curved plywood manufactured here in Mississippi by Quality Plywood.  You can see our products in offices, airports, theaters, restaurants and healthcare systems throughout the United States and the world.  Some of our claims to fame include supplying the wood components for all the seating in Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Through a vision of vertical integration, Quality Plywood, Inc. has developed three subsidiary divisions, Quality Land and Timber, Quality Veneer, LLC and Quality Wholesale.  Our land and timber division purchases tracts of timber for the harvesting of hardwood gum and poplar logs.  We then cut our own veneer from these hardwood logs.  This veneer is utilized in the manufacturing process of making curved plywood at Quality Plywood.  The feature of producing our own veneers is a distinct, competitive advantage that Quality Plywood possesses that none of our competitors possess.   In fact, we sell veneer to some of our competitors.  This vertical integration has enabled Quality Plywood to respond more quickly to customers’ requests and has propelled us to be the leader in the curved plywood market.  In order to diversify our product offerings even further, a separate division, Quality Wholesale, was born.   Quality Wholesale offers high quality, low cost wholesale lumber, plywood and other various wood products.

Quality Plywood is a technological leader in the curved plywood industry.  Some of these technological abilities include computer aided drawing and machining, also known as CAD/CAM; CNC machining, which is computer numerically controlled machines; and advanced high-frequency pressing.  Our engineering department utilizes the latest technological equipment to replicate components for our customers by utilizing drawings or digitizing actual prototypes into three-dimensional drawings, which are networked to our CNC machines for exact replication


Whatever your wood product needs may be, we are here to serve you.

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